Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This one gave me a laugh. The monkey crossing the water is hilarious. Fuck Planet Earth on

No matter where I go, no matter what country I am in, it never ceases to amaze me the type of occultist attitude people have when it comes to voting; in the midst of the big voting day in Illinois, the pit in my stomach, where my fear .

47 fucking days. Is that IT? Is that ALL?! What the fuck is wrong with me. Fuck it. Fuck it all. This is fucking bullshit. I give up. It’s the same fucking shit all over again where ever I goddamn go. I Obviously should have given up a .

Today I've been asking various computers to do boring things for me that also take a relatively long time to finish. Holy Fuck's new LP is a pretty good soundtrack for going a little bit insane along the way. They play in Seattle next .

the thesis is beginning to take a toll on us. it's ok that I'm a little out there already due to lack of sleep and physical exercise any kind of movement at all. but it's not ok that finn is so exhausted. She's done with most of her .

I guess we’ll see what happens tonight. In the meantime, just compare the bent of the two Democratic candidates’ political advertising:. Hillary Clinton:. Barack Obama:. Fear vs. Hope. I just wish I could vote. .

New York Times’ influential music critic Robert Palmer named KILL TUNES as one of his Top 10 releases, and around the time when Tom Waits declared in the British music press that the Pogues and the Leaving Trains were his two favorite .

The recession is here. Are you protected? Don't take chances on your JOB being there when you need it most! Diversify Now . . . more than you already have Of course, instead of just voting for Obama and, therefore, against incumbent dynasties, you could make today a really special one for democracy. All you have to do is storm the White House with .

I wonder how much Michael will sue me for? Ryanair –The No-Care Airline. bockdigiprint.


Recorded Feb 04 2008 11:02 CST - 115.9 MB Download and distribute!

Coming off a particularly mind-blowing (and show-stealing) set here in Dallas at the Granada Theater the other night, we are ecstatic to announce that Holy Fuck and their exhilirating controlled chaos will be part of our second annual .

This is the sole post of the day, so enjoy it. Tons of reasons why dook sucks. Get your pregame on for tonight’s big matchup by watching these. They are sure to rile you up and get you ready for the big game. LET’S GO HEELS! .

"All is good in the world" Perez??? . Not quite… . All will be good when Tara Reid has been found OD'd and badly beaten for her cash in some piss-smelling herion den!

Fuck Buddies' lastest album, "Children", is available as a free MP3 download from dead bees records.

Hotel attendant Force fuck by Foreign tourist porn.

I hereby make an oath to never again post about the minutiae of my life. I'll stick with "crafted" writing or none at all. Fuck minutiae.

Fuck niggaz.

Both members of the Heckworth club sat on folding chairs, huddled in their duffle coats, scarves and hats. The steaming cups Bovril their only defence against the biting cold of the February chill. “Geoff.” Said one. “Yes, Lynne? .

White House overruled on Navy sonar training --. Environmental groups seeking to protect whales and dolphins from the harmful effects of sonar cheered a legal victory against theBush misadministration Monday, as US District Judge .

I Fuck My Totally Wasted Cousin, She is so drunk and totally unaware what is happening. I turn on my camera and tape all. Tomorrow she didn't remember anything. Well my cousin, I fuck you that night.

Tonight was fun. I went out with Abby, even though I only remembered that I was going to about an hour before. It was fun! We started with Heavens and Long Island Iced Teas, which were nice. I know I’ve probably said that I’ve stopped .

Clinton? Really??

Fuck Planet Earth 01:58 Walking Tall Views: 53479.

NJ to Clinton.

.someone took a giant dump on your head??? Check this out, TLEG is all about the latest in fashion and trend BUT we are not into strange animals laying about on top of a chicks head.WTF is up with all these beeetches wearing ugly .

though I was pleasantly surprised to see Wintersleep up for two awards, including Alternative Album of the Year (along with Holy Fuck) and New Group of the Year (…new?). Otherwise, The Sadies are up for Roots Recording of the Year: .